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Dara ME2Day [120306]

Just a bit ago, Dara posted on her me2day saying, “Whassup?!? Scream~ Have you guys seen the short version of the music video?!? The full version and performances are yet to be released +.+~! Please wait for us while watching the short version! I think each and every part is very~ addictive! Kya~aa~ Also the last episode of Kiss Note has been released! Have you seen it!!? ^.^;; I’m so embarrassed~ Poof~.

Here is the photo she attached! 


Her hat is a collaboration between Chrome Hearts and Rolling Stone.


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2NE1 “Collection” con’td

Here is another concept photo.


I think all four girls are in Balmain’s 2012 summer resort collection, but I haven’t found Minji and CL yet.

Here is Bom’s dress.


and here is Dara’s jacket. I think this is the jacket. The photos are so small I’m having a hard time telling.


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2NE1 “Collection”

Concept photos of 2NE1’s new album are out! They’re outfits are all from the same collection of Christopher Kane!


Bom is wearing the same dress that she wore for Se7ens special stage.


Dara is wearing a dress too. Dara’s dress can be purchased at Barneys for $1730.


Minji seems to be wearing a custom piece. I haven’t been able to spot it so if I’m incorrect please let me know!

Aso for CL, she is wearing a shirt.


This is not the exact piece, but it is the closest I could find in terms of where the rainbow on the shirt starts. Her skirt might be custom along with Minji’s top, but here is the pattern.


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Dara On Win Win

For those of you who don’t know, Dara was on the show Win Win on the 8th. She wore a t-shirt by Alexander McQueen, called the snake and skull, with blue pants and a leather jacket. :)

21st Street Musical

Hey there! I hope you guys all caught some AMAZING Black Friday sales yesterday. (:

Here is an update for the recent MAMAs.

Park Bom’s dress is the Ice Cream Strapless Mini Dress from Ryko from TOPSHOP, and her shoes are Pierre Hardy 101 Calf White Sneakers!

CL’s Sweatshirt is from Jeremy Scott and it is called the Phone Dial Sweater. G-Dragon has worn that sweater before. (: Her skirt, which I think is the coolest thing EVER is by Adidas and Jeremy Scott, and it is the TV Mini Skirt. Her earrings, which she has worn before are from Miss Wax, and they are the “Jet Set” Lime Earrings. Her shoes are Jeremy Scott and Adidas, and they are called the Three Tongue Altitude. Minji is wearing the same shoes, in a different color.

Minji’s shirt is by Cassette Playa x Rockers and it is called the “NYC God’s Money T-shirt”, and her pants are the Jeremy Scott x ADIDAS “Sarwell Pants”. Hers are in black, although they do come in other colors.

Baskin Robbins Commercial

Hey guys, have you seen the new 2NE1 Baskin Robbins CF? It’s sooo cute! I’m getting one of the hats. (:

So its really hard to find the matching clothes because the pictures cover up the clothes.

Here is Dara’s shirt, which is all I could find so far. The shirt is from Ground Zero, and it is the shirt that Minji previously wore.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them. (:

Dara in Ground Zero

Hey guys! Here is my first style update. I will try to update you guys with mainly new outfits, but here is a link to buy Dara’s Ground Zero Cable Print Leggings. You can buy them here .



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